TY1_9273Welcome to The View Finders Adventure Company!

We are so happy you found us and now that you are here we’d love to let you know who we are, what we do and just what we are all about!

We areTerree O’Neill ¬†Yeagle of The Moment Photography & KellyO’Keefe of Kelly O’Keefe Photography each of us professional photographers that just never stop enjoying the wonderful world of photography! We’ve each been running our own studios for over 25 years and we capture the milestones of our clients lives, do event photography and LOVE Family portrait photography. We embrace a free spirited, fun loving style of photo making and we bring so much joy, passion, skill and dare we say, talent to our individual styles of photography, which are very similar!

We’ve begun this collaboration called The View Finders Adventure Company to foster a love of photography among the public and help those interested in joining us get to great locations to make wonderful images! Ask us questions, pick our brain and let’s go have a ton of fun making great photos! We also LOVE to bring our images to life in real Photographs, not just digital images stuck in a computer. We will be offering our know how and helping others create beautiful photographs from their own images! There is so much photo awesomeness to be had and we are working on bringing it all forth!

Meanwhile if you love photography, adore the camera and are a lover of exploration, finding new places, meeting new people, tasting new cuisines and having a blast on this wonderful planet, folluw us to stay informed of our photo outings and adventures and …. even photo products!