July 10 – Philly Photo Extravaganza


Want to learn about photography in a fun and exciting way?  We want to teach you how we do what we do and how we have created businesses that allow us to live our passion daily.  It is about Seeing.   Seeing beauty, art and light in any and every moment.  There is not a day that passes that a photograph isn’t made by us.  We just can’t not capture moments.  With our cameras always at the ready we can find a way to create art wherever we are.  It’s so exciting to have this ability and we want to share what we see and how we make beautiful images.

Join us on July 10 for not only a “photography class” but a day of adventure.  We are going to provide live models and take you to some of our favorite locations in the City.

Not only will it be a day of fun, exploration and good food, we will show you some really essential photography skills as well.

Some key points that we will cover throughout the day are:

  • Why we pick a certain location
  • Posing for body shape and facial features
  • Camera settings to create stunning backgrounds
  • And most importantly Light, Light, Light – how to find it, see it and manipulate it to create images that will make your heart soar.

We are so excited for this adventure and look forward to sharing who we are with you.




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