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Picture Perfect!

See our news clip from WFMZ with anchor Eve Russo as we talked photo tips and selfie magic


Oh my stars that was so much fun! Can we please have our own show! Being in the television studio (a first for both Kelly & me) was very cool and we got miked and got to sit on the wonderful couch! Eve Russo is truly a pro, so comforting and just eases right into her thing when the prompters and monitors go on! Gosh I was taking it all in and just enjoying the moment so much I almost didn’t know we were on live TV!

I hope some of what we were trying to share came across! We wanted to get folks to get some helpful tips for making their summer photos even better! Realizing that the majority of people use their cell phone cameras for picture taking we suggested using the flash outdoors to help brighten subject’s faces. In addition when making selfies use a handy tripod either with the camera timer or even a remote. You can find them online at amazon or walmart and they work wonders for group pics or even making videos.

The other tip we thought was mighty valuable was as a photographer move around, get different angles and points of view. This not only creates interesting perspectives but can also help in getting rid of unwanted objects in the image like trashcans, power lines or exit signs.

Finally if you really wish to improve your skills think about coming out with us! Right now we are just getting started but our workshops and adventures will be offered frequently in the months and year ahead. Coming up we are heading to Philly on July 10th for an incredible scenic photo day with models and epic views and July 19th in the the Lehigh Valley it’s the Magic of Still Life Photography. Learn all about these events on the Store page! We are insanely passionate about what can be done with a camera and we invite to travel about with us exploring and creating with light and love!


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