The Journey Begins

TVF_TK0082 copyWe are working on our plans for our first three field trips of photographic wonder! Our first will be to Philadelphia and we are trying to decide if we shoud do a one or two day excursion. The agenda we’ve been compiling is just terrific and we hate to cut anything away…..hmmm, still pondering this! The good news is this trip is in the works for June 29 and possibly June 30.

The second trip is to Brooklyn and this one we have a wish list for and the research is a bit more extensive since we are less familiar with the city but we are hoping this excursion will take place in late August.

Our third plan is for Napa Valley and we’d like to visit in October this year!

So as we make progress on the itineries and get them nailed down and open for booking we will surely keep you posted! Meanwhile if you are seriously interested in any of our excursions please email us at theviewfindersadventurecompany@gmail.com

Thank you so much!

~Terree & Kelly, the viewfinders


…and she asked me one day do you think you can help me see the way that you do?…….why yes I do, let’s walk together awhile and have a look at the world!